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South Padre Island, Texas

This quick 6 hour getaway from Austin is perfect for an extended weekend trip. We have been to South Padre Islands twice, once for valentines day and the other for my fiancee's birthday celebration

General Tips

  1. Make sure to carry your passport & other valid identification. There is a border security checkpoint roughly an hour before entering South Padre Island. The check happens while returning from South Padre Island & not while entering it. If you are a tourist or on another type of visa, please make sure to carry immigration related documents too.
  2. Some food trucks in South Padre Islands only accept cash. So carrying a few dollars in cash is usually recommended
  3. If you are travelling from Austin or surrounding region, you usually need to stop for gas once each way. Please plan accordingly.

Top fun things to do in South Padre Island

1. Book a hotel room with a view of the ocean from the balcony. Enjoy a glass of wine while relaxing at the balcony & looking at the ocean

Ocean facing balcony

2. Enjoy the delicious tacos & authentic mexican cuisine from the many food trucks at the island

Food truck tacos

3. Visit a restaurant with live music & enjoy a few cocktails while listening to some really good music. After all, you are on a vacation!

Live music

4. Take an early morning walk along the beach. If you enjoy meditation, sit in the water & rejuvenate your soul

Meditate ocean

5. Have a romantic night at the beach with led candles, champagne & chocolates and a view of the ocean under the moonlight

Romantic beach night

Romantic beach night

6. Checkout the magnificent & beautiful sand castles & sculptures created by well renowned artists from all over the world

Sand Castle

Sand Sculptures

Sand Sculptures

Sand Castle

7. Enjoy the sunset at a dinner cruise & navigate through the water while enjoying fresh & delicious sea food

Dinner cruise sunset


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