Mobile Photography Tricks

This post contains my usual go to photography tricks and hacks using my Google Pixel mobile phone camera

General Tips

  1. Lock in the Exposure
  2. Underexpose the images if you’re planning to edit the images later. That helps capture more data for better editing.
  3. Shoot in RAW mode. It gives more dynamic range.
  4. Shoot with grids generally 3 X 3 and also apply the rule of thirds. Eg line up the subject on the line or intersections
  5. Avoid shooting directly in harsh light eg the sun while capturing the sunrise or sunset
  6. Perspectives … play with it. Try to capture what people generally dont see
  7. Higher points usually lead to good captures

Editing Tips - Snapseed

  1. Choose the Selective Mode
  2. The Selected points do not interfere or overlap with each other

Using the moment lenses add on over mobile phone

  1. Capture a panorama in portrait using the 58mm telephoto lens.

Discussion & Comments